Joel Ye

Researcher & Developer

Say hello: joelye9 at gmail dot com


I study machine learning as a Master's student at Georgia Tech. My research aims to relate computation in the brain and in AI systems, with a eye towards applications in brain-computer interfaces. I'm currently working with Dhruv Batra, Erik Wijmans, and Abhishek Das on embodied navigation. I also work with Chethan Pandarinath on modeling neural data.

I grew up in NYC, where I graduated from Stuyvesant High School, and I did my undergrad in Computer Science at Georgia Tech. During my undergrad, I was Director of Technology for Georgia Tech's hackathon org, HackGT, where we worked to host events to promote CS education.

Hobbies I make time for include reading (and am always open to recommendations) and studying Japanese and Chinese.


  • [12/4] Network Science course project writeup posted here. I suggest we may want to study dynamical robustness in deep networks.
  • [11/25] Deep Learning for Text course project writeup posted here. We looked at how BERT's representations change during fine-tuning.


Neural Data Transformers

Joel Ye, Chethan Pandarinath
In review (preprint)

Auxiliary Tasks Speed Up Learning PointGoal Navigation

Joel Ye, Dhruv Batra, Erik Wijmans*, Abhishek Das*
CoRL, 2020